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S1 E1: Healthcare

S1 E2: Entertainment

S1 E3: On-Demand

S1 E4: Transport


M O S T  P E O P L E  S T A R T  A  B U S I N E S S  T O  S U I T  T O D A Y ’ S  W O R L D , 

I T ‘ S  A  D I F F E R E N T  M I N D S E T  W H E N  F O U N D E R S  E X P E C T  T O  C H A N G E  I T . . . “


A four-part documentary exploring the mindsets, ambitions and realities of the UK’s most innovative founders that are embarking on a journey to transform the world we live in.


Join us as we go behind-the-scenes and get up close and personal with 25 ground-breaking leaders, their loved ones, investors and more, providing an authentic view of the modern-day founder.


Season 1 dives into those disrupting: Healthcare, Entertainment, Transport and On-demand.                             


Episode 1 : Healthcare

Episode 2: Entertainment

  • Melissa Snover, Nourish3d

  • Danny Gray, War Paint For Men

  • Tess Cosad/David O’Rourke/George Thomas, Béa Fertility

  • Jamie Mitchell, Low6

  • Caroline Rowland, Egoli Media

  • Gary Bracey, Terra Virtua

  • Amman Ahmed, MusicForPets

  • Richard Vincent, FundamentalVR

Episode 3 : On-Demand

  • Dr. Kyle Grant/Tom de Wilton, Oxwash

  • Greg Gormley, SKOOT

  • Siddhi Mittal/Heinin Zhang, YHANGRY

Episode 4 : Transport

  • Dave Hughes, novosound

  • Phill Davies, Magway

  • Mark Stokes/Thomas Clayson, Magdrive

  • Charles Tavner, Flylogix

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In the meantime, check out our sneak peeks below to see where this journey has taken us

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What a Heavenly treat!
Look who decided to join the party!
Our videographers editing on the go in a train!
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